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Like most web site owners, we are very interested in knowing how many people visit our site, so we receive and keep general statistics about the traffic to us. We are mainly interested in how many people visited, and where they arrived from. This helps us to measure the effectiveness of our promotional efforts, including search engine listings.

The server we are on generates standard access log files, which we save for the purpose of understanding general trends in traffic. The logs contain IP address information, but we have no way of personally identifying any visitors. We cannot decipher your name or email address. In the event of a malicious hacking attempt, we would send copies of the logs to the originating ISP (which we can identify.)

Cookies are short strings of letters and numbers which are sent to a web-surfer's computer, often for keeping track of small pieces of information as s/he clicks from one page to another. A common use is to hold session data, such as might be necessary when making a purchase online which involves multiple HTML pages, forms, or templates.

The Ministry Of Privacy site itself uses javascript and cookies as part of the mechanism that changes the banner ads each time a page is loaded, to keep track of which banners have already been displayed to each visitor. Also, many of the banner advertisements are served by third-party ad networks, which do transmit cookies. The primary function of these cookies is for accounting purposes, to match up click-throughs and sales at a sponsor's site with a banner on a referring site (ours.) Another purpose is to keep track of which banners have been shown during a visit, to avoid showing the same one repeatedly. Those banners pay the expenses here, and keep this site online.

If you seriously object to receiving the javascript or cookies, study your browser's "Help" files to learn how to turn them off. (You will still be able to view our site.)

We will never sell, rent, trade, or otherwise distribute email addresses of people who contact us, and we will never send unsolicited bulk email (commonly known as "spam.")

We will never link to or recommend a company or service which, at our sole discretion, appears to be fraudulent. However, like other media outlets (ranging from television stations to phone books), we cannot accept responsibility for the actions of our advertisers and other companies listed on our site. It is the consumer's responsibility to personally determine the suitability of a particular company that s/he may wish to do business with.

If you have any further concerns or comments on these issues, contact us at

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