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Anonymizer - Anon Web surfing. The free version has a time-delay built in. Price: Basic surfing is Free, with an added time-delay in loading pages. Prices are variable for other services/software (including regular-speed Web-surfing, email, and Usenet newsgroup posting.)

@nonymouse - Web-based proxy for anonymous Web browsing, email, and Usenet news groups. In English and German. Price: Free.

Asarian - Offers anon Usenet posting, anon email accounts, and anon web hosting for survivors of childhood sexual abuse. They also seem to offer Web hosting. Price: Free.

CJB.NET - SOCKS proxy for anonymous Web browsing. Price: Free.

The Cloak - We have used and recommend this service. Anonymous Web surfing. Accepts anonymous cookies from the sites that you visit (good for groups.google.com and other sites that require cookies.) Price: Free.

COTSE (Church Of The Swimming Elephant) - We used to use this service when it was free, although we stopped when they switched to pay-only. SSL Webmail, Usenet and Web surfing. Also anon email service. Includes POP3/POP3S and SMTP/SMTPS access for email. Price: US$5.95/month.

IDzap - Anonymous Web surfing. Also offers SSL encrypted email. Price: Free for basic account, and US$15 per quarter or US$50 per year for a subscription with more features.

MegaProxy - Limited basic service: Free. Full service: $9.95 for three months.

Morphium - Web browsing and FTP. Price: Free.

My Web Proxy - Anonymous Web surfing. Accepts cookies and scripts (if desired), and filters ads. Price: Free for demo (which appears to be text-only), and US$30 per lifetime (theirs, not yours) for extra features.

Peacefire - A sort of activist group whose mission is to help surfers evade blocking software like that used in schools, institutions, businesses, and so forth. Price: Free.

Privax - They call themselves a network of Web proxies. Free.

Rewebber - Anon Web browsing. Price: Free for trial/test, and variable prices for subscriptions with various features.

XGanon - Anonymous posting to Usenet. All users have the same "From" identification. Price: Free.

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