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The following services allow posting to Usenet. However, they will not disguise your IP address or offer serious anonymity by themselves. We list them with the suggestion of trying to use them through proxies, or other ways of covering your tracks (libraries, Internet cafes, etc.)

Foorum.Fr - Web based Usenet access. The navigation is in French, but they include many English-language newsgroups.

Google - Web based newsgroup access, including an extensive archive. (Read here about protecting your privacy from this archive.)

Mailgate - Open access for reading, but posting accounts are limited to users located in Italy.

OTFN Usenet Nomads Web2News Gateway - Oddly, there is a link to reply to newsgroup posts, but we didn't see any way to start a new thread.

Talk About Network - Features Web-based Usenet posting, along with an archive of newsgroup posts.

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