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We suggest separate programs for each main Internet activity - Email, Web Browsing, and Newsgroup Reading. Use the right tool for the right job. All prices listed are in US dollars.

Email Clients

Eudora - We use and recommend this program. Price: Free for "Light" version or ad-supported version (we suggest the "Light" version), or ? for the "Pro" version.

Pegasus Mail - A text-only email client (generally immune to viruses and worms directed at M$ OutLook Express.) Price: Free.

MailWasher - An add-on email tool which lets you examine email headers before downloading. Also features spam, virus, and attachment filtering, blacklist/whitelist, and can return fake bounce errors to senders, so that they will think that your address isn't valid (e.g. to get removed from persistent mailing/spam lists.) Price: Free.


Web Browsers

Mozilla Firefox - We use and recommend this program. Includes features like automatic deletion of cache and cookies after each session. Price: Free.

Netscape - We use and recommend this program. Somewhat more security-restrictive and easy to use than M$ IE. Price: Free.

Opera - A security-concious Web browser. Price: Ad-supported version: Free. Regular (no ads version): $39.


Usenet (Newsgroup) Readers

Forte Agent - We have used and recommend this program (although we later switched to Gravity.) The "Free Agent" version has impaired features, but the full (paid) version has decent features, including killfiles/filters. Price: Free for basic ("Free Agent") version, or $29.95 for full version.

MicroPlanet Gravity - We use and recommend this program. The most powerful Windows newsreader that we have seen, with the best killfile/filtering functions. Price: Free.

NewsProxy (A.K.A. Nfilter) - We use and recommend this program. This is an add-on to your usual newsreader, and can filter on numerous header criteria (e.g. if you us a newsreader that doesn't have filters at all.) It is also the only way that we know of that Windows users can filter on server path and/or crossposting information (e.g. if the post is coming from a certain ISP, or if it is crossposted to a particular newsgroup [e.g. a known troll group.]) Price: Free. Here are some specific recommendations for using this product.



Evidence Eliminator - Claims to securely delete various Internet cache files. Note that they have been associated with inappropriate behavour on Usenet. Also, the name of their product could be viewed as a red-flag if it is found on your computer during an investigation. Price: $149.95

Surf Secret


Zone Alarm - Firewall, antivirus, antispyware




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