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AUP - Acceptable Use Policy - A set of contractual terms for an Internet subscriber (e.g. You) in using their Internet access. This generally includes prohibitions against spamming, harassment, etc.

Bitbucket - Another term for Killfile.

Firewall - A software or hardware mechanism to filter Internet connections, including filtering harmful ones.

Killfile - In an email client or newsreader, a killfile is a list of filters which will automatically delete messages according to certain rules, most commonly the sender's address, name, or certain words in the "Subject" line. To killfile someone means to place their address or name in one's own killfile.

Killfilter - Also known as a Killfile.

LART - Luser Attitude Readjustment Tool. Slang term for a complaint sent to a Usenet poster's ISP.

MMF - Make Money Fast. One of the oldest Internet spam scams. Apparently inspired by the "David Rhodes" snail-mail chain letter, and often seen in the form of "Turn $6 Into $6,000," along with other variations. Here is an amusing parody of this type of spam.

Phone Home - Refers to some applications initiating Internet connections to communicate with their manufacturers. When you are online, they will try to send packets to/from their producers, with various information, potentially including your registration information, system details, or more. This can be blocked via a Firewall.

Plonk - Usually used as a public (e.g. on Usenet) announcement that one is placing someone in their Killfile.

UBE - Unsolicited Bulk Email.

UCE - Unsolicited Commercial Email.

White List - This is a system where incoming email is only accepted if it comes from certain addresses. The list of addresses is called the white list. All other mail is filtered out.


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